Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vacation Part 2: The Mountains!

After we left the beach, we stopped back home for a bit to exchange some packing items and then headed to Gordonsville, a little town outside of Charlottesville to the Shenandoah Crossing Resort. It seems like it used to be a farm but it has been converted to a resort with a bunch of cabins and "chalets." We stayed in a 2 bedroom cabin in the woods which was actually really nice for a "rustic" cabin. Day # 1 mostly consisted of us unpacking and heading into "town" to get groceries. The town literally consisted of a Food Lion and Family Dollar along with a Chinese Restaurant simply called "China." Interesting.... Well, Rush quickly declared the highlight of this day was what he dubbed "The most exciting 2 minutes in vacation history." Included in this 2 minute time period was the following: seeing people wearing shirts for South of the Border, Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy, and No Shirt No Shoes No Problem all in the same parking lot, followed by entering Family Dollar and witnessing a child running around stark naked with nothing but a diaper (no shoes either), and finally a hit and run in the parking lot which included the woman hitting another car initially and then again while backing up. It rocked.... The highlight for me was Jonah saying he wanted to see some "stinkin' horses." Where do they come up with this stuff??

Our second day didn't consist of much since it was so hot outside....we went out to the playground in the morning and roasted so for the most part, we hung out in the cabin for the day. Very relaxing.... Then we headed into Charlottesville for a bit and got some ice cream. No big highlights worth mentioning for this day but there were 2 for the day before so that's ok.

Day 3 was a little cooler so we went to the stables and let Jonah ride a pony named Brownie. He loved it. Then Rush took him on a paddleboat ride on the lake while I took Reagan back to the cabin for a nap. Poor baby wasn't feeling so hot because of teething so we took it easy. I even was able to read a whole book while we were gone for the week! That evening we went back to the playground....Jonah unfortunately has his entire world revolve around the movie "Cars" so he always wants to play "Lightning McQueen" and make other kids "Chick Hicks (aka the bad guy from the movie)." He mostly harassed a little girl on the playground by calling her Chick the whole time. I don't think her mom was thrilled.....what are you going to do? :) Rush and I had a tetherball match which was pretty pitiful and that was about it....

Today was our last day....we went on a wagon ride and the driver let Jonah sit up front and steer the horses. He thought he was hot stuff for this....very cute. Then we packed up after lunch and drove home. We came back a bit earlier than we planned but we were all done and ready to come Rush and I have to work the next 2 days so there's lots to do before that.

Anyway, it wasn't a vacation full of thrills and excitement, but with as much as we've had going on recently and as little family time as we have had, it was just what the doctor ordered. Anyway, we're glad to be home.....

Our cabin

Reagan loves to swing

Jen actually makes it in a picture!! (usually I'm the photographer)

Mr Excavator

You gotta be kidding me....

Taking Brownie out for a spin


Jonah steering the horses and wagon!

Bye-bye cabin! Home, here we come!

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