Sunday, October 21, 2007


Jonah is growing so quickly.....he's had a big fall so far. He started preschool in September, moved up to a real class at church on Sundays and started Rainbows on Wednesday nights. It seems ridiculous to me at times when I see him walking with his little backpack into school or playing with his own real little friends....I have to remind myself that he is old enough for all of this! I love watching him's the coolest thing to watch your child develop into this little person with ideas, imagination, preferences and opinions. (Boy does he have opinions....and he will let you know them too! He's super-bossy! :) ). Anyway, I was blown away this weekend. We went to Emerald Isle with my family. We were all out on the beach and it just so happened to be warm enough to get in the water. Jonah has always been a bit timid at trying new things. All prior years involved him being scared of the ocean and waves.....therefore, there was no way I figured he'd want anything to do with it. But, much to my surprise, he loved it! Rush and him played for a long time in the water and he didn't fuss once! He even face planted into the water or got hit with some pretty decent waves a few times and still did not bat an eye. It's amazing what a year will do! He didn't even care he was covered with bits and pieces of shells, rocks and sand. This is a kid I was sure would turn out to have OCD when it came to being dirty. :) Just when you think you've got them figured out....they're bound to change it up. I guess that keeps us on our toes!

He's still a majorly sweet kid. He's got the sweetest disposition. On our drive home today, he was holding his teddy bear, Fred. Out of nowhere, he says, "Mommy, can we go get Reagan a teddy bear too? She needs a girl one because she does not have one." I love it..... is a flyin'

So I've never been big for journaling, never kept a diary, etc. But, I am quickly realizing that when you have kids, time literally flies. The days may be long, but the months and years are shorter than I ever realized. With Jonah pushing 3 1/2 and Reagan at 6 months, I am finding that I am already forgetting a lot of the precious moments I thought would be burned in my mind forever. So, with that being said, I decided to preserve it in a way with a glimpse into our lives....some good and some bad but real nonetheless. Here goes.....hope you enjoy!