Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vacation Part 1: The Beach!

We started our vacation with a trip to Va Beach with our friends Lisa and Adam. Their 2 boys are close in age to Jonah and Reagan so it worked out perfectly! We stayed at Lisa's parents' beach house and had a great relaxing time. Of course, it was like the hottest weekend of the year but although we were completely melting, it was a blast. Jonah and Nathan had a great time digging and playing in the waves while Reagan enjoyed relaxing in the shade in a little baby pool. The highlight of day #1 occurred when Jonah decided out of the blue to strip down naked on the beach! We still have no idea why that occurred but it sure was funny! Adam and Rush did a little fishing from the shore and caught a few fish, a ray and a little shark! Of course, the boys loved seeing those! Day #2 involved more of the same followed by Lisa insisting that Rush and I go out to dinner alone while she watched the kids.....she rocks!! We went down to the boardwalk and had a great dinner kid-free! That was our day #2 highlight for sure! Overall, we had a wonderful time with friends....and I think we definitely won the award for "palest family on the beach." Oh are some pics!

Jonah doing some "fishing"

Just taking it all in....

Jonah and Nathan digging a sand pit

More sand pit...

N&J still smiling after a long day!


Still happy as a clam!

Making hand prints

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