Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Jonah!!

It's hard to believe that 4 years ago, we had a brand new little baby boy and we were just starting down the parenting road without a clue what was ahead. Jonah has made the past 4 years awesome beyond our wildest dreams...he is perfect in every way for us and our family and we love him so much!!

This year, he got to have his birthday party on his actual birthday (June 21) and it was the first party he's had with other kids. We all had a blast. We set up a bunch of pools, sprinklers, and a slip and slide in the backyard and Rush's coworker brought over a moonbounce! We finished things off with a water balloon fight. The weather was great and the kids seemed to have a great time....what more could we ask for?

He got a Kyle Busch truck

A little breakfast fun...

Most of the set-up

Moonbouncing with Bryson

The 2 J's: Jonah and Joshua on a lunch break

Jonah said he wanted to sit on the bench "with my buddies!"

Lightning McQueen bike!

Blowing out the candles

Jonah and cousin Bella


Waterballoon fight!

She's got a balloon and isn't afraid to use it!

Sometimes an irrigation system comes in really handy!

Grandpa gets in on the action

Plotting his next move....

Reagan showing off those baby blues....


  1. Hey! Daniel totally loves the M&M car too. He can spot it in no time when a race is on tv....we don't even watch racing much.

    Happy birthday to Jonah!

  2. Same here! We have never been Nascar fans.....I think Jonah likes it because of the movie Cars, which his life revolves around.