Sunday, June 29, 2008

Roasting Marshmallows and "Camping" In

The night before Jonah's birthday last year, we built a small fire in the backyard, roasted marshmallows, and then Rush and Jonah camped out in a tent in the backyard. Jonah's photographic memory recalled this information and of course, he wanted to do it again this year, and supposedly every year he "turns a new number." Unfortunately, because Rush went out of town the day after J-man's birthday, we weren't able to do all of this until last night. So, Rush built the fire (I have no idea if this is legal in our county, by the way, and neither did my police officer husband. I figured if he didn't know, then my ignorance would certainly be forgiven!) and the marshmallow roasting began. Jonah's favorite part was watching any marshmallows that happened to fall into the fire get all big and bubbly. We enjoyed watching the lightning bugs and getting sugared-up before the camping part of the evening began. It was so stinking hot, that Rush decided camping in would be a better idea for all parties involved. So the tent was pitched, not in the backyard, but in the living room. Jonah didn't care...he had just as much fun shining his flashlight in the dark living room as he would have outside. And, more than anything else, he had some boys-only time with Rush. He was in heaven. Rush didn't get much sleep....Jonah, on the other hand, was out like a light. The tent made for some good playtime after church too. But, now it's time for it to come down. And so another memory goes in the books....
Starting the fire

Let the roasting begin!


Fun after church (in the living room!)!

On a different subject....Rush FedEx'ed all of our stuff to immigration yesterday!! Now, we wait for approval. This is the last BIG step before the rest of our dossier can be compiled and sent to China! It could take 1-3 months though for approval so please pray for our patience!

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