Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hanging out with my girl.....and a little bike riding

Rush has been in Dallas this week at a physical training for law enforcement class ( the guy that founded this place invented, that's right, invented aerobics and is President Bush's personal physician....He was personally teaching one of their classes today) so I have been by myself with the kiddos. It's really gone well so far. It has helped that Jonah has been in YMCA camp every morning because that has given me some nice time with Reagan. I wanted to try to make a concerted effort to spend some good time with her since I rarely have time with just the two of us....and we all know what happened last week when I did (see the previous tantrum post!). Anyway, it wasn't much, but this morning after we dropped Jonah off, we watched part of a Signing Time video together and then once the playset was in the shade,we went into the backyard. She loves to swing so we did that for a while and then went and got on the hammock....definitely the highlight of my day so far (yes I know it's only 10am). Anyway, it was so awesome to just hang out with her, looking at the trees and sky above us and just laughing. She makes some funny faces and noises and loves to imitate so that was mostly what we did....hard to quantify really, but it rocked. She still takes a morning nap, so our time together didn't last long, but it was enough to fill my cup! It's easy to try to fly through the day (weeks, months...) and focus on the never-ending to-do list, but I'm going to start trying to remember that those things can always wait....and they'll always be around. My kids on the other hand, are already getting too big, and these times will be over before long. that I've depressed everyone, I'll share some pics of Jonah trying out his new bike! He got it for his birthday this weekend and this was his first time on it. We went to Rush's parents for dinner so I took the bike with us. Grandpa mostly tried to teach him how to steer (an important thing!)....the pedaling didn't go so well, but we'll keep practicing. If you're wondering what the heck is on his helmet...yes, it is fur. The helmet has animals on it and the lions have real furry manes. Weird in my opinion...but he likes it!

And now for a little video....

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