Saturday, November 3, 2007


I've always loved the fall...cooler weather, beautiful leaves, football and the start of the holiday season. Despite the controversy surrounding Halloween, it's one of my favorite 'kid' things. I just think the idea of dressing up, pretending, imagination, etc is so cool for them. This year, Jonah was Elvis...complete with sunglasses, wig and white jumpsuit with a red, blue and gold eagle. It was awesome. He looked so funny in his little get-up. He didn't even initially know who Elvis was...then I showed him the Jailhouse Rock video on-line. He loved it! It was in black and white and the picture was fuzzy, but he still loved it. He wanted to watch the thing over and over again. So, then he was excited to be Elvis. He was rather antisocial at the Fall Festival at church, but I guess that's pretty par for the course at age 3. He did say his costume was 'hysterical' though! I totally loved going to his preschool Halloween cute.

Reagan was a pumpkin. She looked so big and round in her costume....much more than she really is! She did great but I think they were both a bit overwhelmed.....especially since they had both been sick this week.

I'll try to post some costume pics soon.