Friday, May 28, 2010

The Ladybug Myth

In the Chinese adoption community, the ladybug is quite an important symbol. It is said that they bring luck in the form of a referral for a child. If you see one, that means a referral for your child is imminent. In fact, our agency sends out "Ladybug Letters" to you once all of your paperwork is complete and registered in China.

Let me say that I believe much more in God's providence than in luck. Also, we didn't receive a referral as much as we pursued a child we saw.....however, I do think it's interesting that Sunday, after church, Rush, the kids, Sharon (Rush's sister) and I went to lunch. As we walked up to Sharon outside of the restaurant, I noticed she had a ladybug on her shirt, and pointed it out. A mere 8 hours or so later, I saw my daughter-to-be's picture! Wow! I think I just found her nickname. :) My little ladybug....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blessings Beyond Description

So, I've sat here for the past 5 minutes just trying to figure out how to start this post, trying to figure out what words can possibly do justice to the feelings of thankfulness and blessing I have right now. Almost 3 years ago, a seed was planted in our hearts. That seed has finally broken through the ground...after months and months of waiting, it is finally happening, and I am almost at a loss for words.

Over 2 years ago, after much research, prayer, and consideration, we took a big step. We officially applied to adopt a child from China. We knew it would be a long wait, but also knew that was what we were supposed to do, and that it was the right timing. With no idea where the path would take us, or how long, we jumped into the crazy world of international adoption, and started heaps and heaps of paperwork exploring and describing nearly every aspect of our lives.

Finally, we have something to show for it.

A child....and she's awesome.

Sunday, I found her. She was perfect. Perfectly created by God, just the way he intended. Perfect for us, perfect for our family. I can't wait to get her home.

Everything worked out. We inquired about her, got her medical file, talked to some doctors, talked to some friends and family, prayed, and knew. This was our daughter. It didn't take long to make the decision....we just knew.

I can't say but so much until China approves things....but I can say that she's 17months old right now and has a cleft lip and palate. Her lip was "repaired" in China (I use the word repaired loosely because it doesn't look like it was done very well to me, so it will probably have to be revised), but her palate remains open. She has big brown eyes and a sweet little face. She looks to be right on track in terms of growth and development. She rocks, and I am so humbled that God is choosing to entrust us with her care. Humbled that He chose our family. Thankful for His perfect timing. Thankful for His faithfulness. Thankful that He keeps His promises that when he begins a good work, he is faithful to complete it.

I am so completely excited for the journey to continue...I could do without all the paperwork that is looming, but I absolutely cannot wait for our family to be complete. We should hopefully go get her in about 4-6 months! HOORAY!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A little Swagger!

We were blessed recently, through a turn of events, to get a minivan! I never thought I would be thrilled to drive one, but I must say, I love it! Our other cars can't fit 3 child seats, so at some point, it was going to be necessary to get something, if only we could get a hold of that third child....but I digress.

Anyway, I just saw this and thought it was hilariously awesome so I thought I'd share in honor of my other minivan rocking moms out there! :) Enjoy!