Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's Done!!! (well....almost)

Jonah's big birthday present from us was a re-do of his room. He had still been in a toddler bed so we really needed to move him on up to a real big-boy bed. And, his room was in desperate need of painting. We decided to go with a baseball theme....something that could last for quite a few years to come. So...the painting began along with lots of other stuff. Rush reminded me of a headboard I had from college that was in the attic...I painted it red and it worked out great! I just got my last photo print in the mail yesterday (some shots I took at Glen Allen Little League) so I ran out and bought a frame this morning. The only thing left to do is paint his new closet doors and frame....just gotta wait for Rush to take them off the hinges. My original plan was to paint a few red/blue horizontal stripes about 3/4 of the way up the wall, but I ran out of steam. We'll see, maybe I'll get motivated again and do it. For now though....this is it!

Above/Outside his door

I made these from stuff I found at Michaels....pinstripes to go along with the baseball theme.

I LOVE this has all the different players labeled and is
really good quality. Not too baby-ish either.

In other news.....I hard from our home study agency that our home study is complete and they should be Fed-Exing it to us today!!! HOORAY!!!

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