We're a family of 6, living a somewhat crazy life, with no 2 days the same. We love the Lord and seek to follow his purpose for our family in the big and small matters of life. We expanded our family in 2010 and 2012 through international adoption and it changed us forever....our plans, our purposes, our insights.
This is the scrapbook of our life. 

The Momma around these parts. Part-time pediatric nurse. Annoys the kids by taking way
 too many pictures. Has been known to initiate a spontaneous dance party. 
Rehab-worthy Diet Coke addict. Official germaphobe. 
Thankful for grace.

He bears the title of "Dad" over here. Takes his Virginia Tech Football seriously. 
Can dance a mean jig. Will wear pink silly bands because his girls ask him to. Runs marathons.
Gets by on humanly impossible amounts of sleep. 

Our first-born! Sweetest boy on the planet. Lover of all things Lego, Star Wars, 
and Indiana Jones. Wants nothing more than to catch the "bad guys." 
Reader extraordinaire, fabulous big brother, and certainly bears the greatest laugh ever.

The Princess. Sweetest voice known to man. Lover of all babies, human and otherwise. 
Hilarious conversationalist. Tough competitor. Will stand her ground until the cows come
 home....and then some. There's no stopping this girl.

Determined. Independent. Strong Willed. Resilient. Biggest personality in the house by a mile. 
Loves acting silly and crazy. Dances at the drop of a hat. 
The girl who taught us about real love and grace. 
Home from China October 2, 2010.

AKA Jude. The newest member of our family, he joined us
in March, 2012 from Zhongshan, China.
Surely sports the cutest dimples known to man and is the most content dude around.
Makes a mean Mr T "I pity the fool" face.