Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oath- Taking Ceremony

Today's plan got changed a bit. We were supposed to have a totally free day. At 9am, our guide went to the U.S. Consulate on our behalf to get everything arranged for Rylie's Immigration Visa into the U.S. We had to stay in the room for a few hours in case she had to call and clarify some information. Fortunately, everything was in order. However, she told us that our swearing-in ceremony was moved to this afternoon, instead of tomorrow. So, we rushed to get Rylie down for a nap, ate lunch and then headed to the Consulate, about 45 minutes away.
The whole process was kind of a formality. We went in through security and entered a room with about 50 other US families all adopting Chinese kids. It was a really cool sight, and I must say, I was very proud of our amazing country. We have such giving, loving citizens who are just flat out good people, and I felt so privileged to be in that room with them all. It really was quite a sight to behold. Each family was individually called up to a window to talk to a Visa Officer quickly and sign a paper. After everyone was done, we got a little speech and then everyone took an oath together. I really have no idea what the oath was about, because Rylie took the opportunity to scream her head off and I couldn't hear. Oh well... She's not a U.S. citizen yet. That will happen when we come through U.S. Customs in Detroit on our way home. My baby will become a citizen in Motown. :)
We came back to the hotel, ordered a pizza and Skyped with the kids at home. We haven't been able to catch up with them for a few days, so that definitely lifted our spirits to talk to them today.
Tonight, we pack up some and we will be taking the train to Hong Kong tomorrow afternoon. We will spend a day there with Rush's sister, Sharon, who is coming in from the Philippines and then we fly out the next day. Hooray! We can't wait to be home.
Thank you all for your kind messages and prayers. Today was a little better....but we have so, so far to go. Please pray for Rylie to have peace and to feel secure. Please pray for Rush and I to know what to do for her, to be on the same page, and to be patient!!! Thanks.

Love you all,
Rush, Jen and Rylie

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