Monday, September 27, 2010

More Sightseeing....and Hitting the Wall


The entrance to the weird garden

Well, we are starting to hit the wall. As much as we have enjoyed our trip, we are definitely ready to come home. We miss Jonah and Reagan, we miss ice, napkins, meals without rice and noodles, and just about everything about the good ol' US of A. Not to sound ungrateful.....this has just been a LONG trip. We're ready to move to the next home. Only a few more days.

Last night we were thrilled to run into another couple from our group at dinner. We had not seen them since our time in Beijing and we got along really well with them. We enjoyed catching up and then again, hit Starbucks. Their little boy is just a bit older than Rylie, also with cleft lip and palate, although his are both repaired.

This morning we got some pictures back from a roll of film we had developed from the camera we sent in a care package to Rylie a few months ago. The pictures weren't great, but we will treasure them as a glimpse into her time with her foster family. She appeared to be well loved.

Today we visited what I considered to be the World's Weirdest Garden. It took like an hour to get to it and was totally not what we expected. Basically, there were beautiful gardens that were kind of ruined by strange statues of cartoon-like chatacters. We saw the likes of The Incredibles, Snoopy, Super Mario Brothers, Spiderman, Nemo and more. I just didn't get the point of was very confusing to us.

Anyway, we had another good and interesting lunch at a local Cantonese restaurant followed by much needed naps all around. This evening we strolled around the island some more and headed to a Chinese restaurant which was a bit of an adventure. Out front are tanks and buckets filled with fish, turtles, eels and some other stuff we couldn't identify. You can pick out your dinner, basically. We refrained from that, as well as many of the menu options which included goose intestines and pig neck to name a few. Our favorite dish were the snow peas....delicious.

Nothing else big to report. We are still figuring Rylie out and working out some kinks. When she is happy, she is hilarious, but when she is out. All along I was praying that she would be a little less feisty than Reagan.....I don't think that prayer has been answered in the way I wanted! Let's just say we're going to have our hands full with 2 stubborn strong-willed girls.

The red-couch picture was moved to tomorrow morning. After that we will fill out some paperwork for the US Consulate and then we will head to the pearl market in the afternoon.

Jonah and Reagan: I took the picture below for you!! :) Jonah, how was your baseball game? We have missed seeing you guys on Skype! Hope we can chat soon! Love you both so much! 5 more sleeps!!

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  1. You are in the home stretch now! You must be so tired. Hang in there! Enjoy time in your daughter's birth country, but get a little rest, too. Be thinking of some neat little present you can buy in China this week and give her years down the road--16th birthday, wedding day. That moment when the airplane leaves the ground in her home country and you realize from there on out, everything changes---that is huge! Thinking of you every day!