Monday, September 13, 2010

A debt of gratitude

I suppose any time you have a major life change and people surround you in support, your blessings become more evident than usual. As we embark on probably the biggest venture we have ever experienced, I am feeling overwhelming gratitude towards so many people, and I wanted to take a minute (or a little longer) to say thanks.

-First, of course, to God, for leading us to this path for expanding our family. His faithfulness and perfect timing is evident to us in so many ways, great and small and we will be forever grateful that he chose to bless us with Rylie.

-Also, of course, for our families....the excitement and support they have shown us has been outstanding from the outset of this process, nearly 3 years ago. They have helped us emotionally and financially, and are watching over our other 2 precious treasures who will be here as we travel.

-Jonah and Reagan- for their patience and already evident love for their sister. They have endured countless hours of appointments and paperwork and have sacrificed material things so that their sister could join our family. They are graciously giving up Mommy and Daddy for a few weeks, which is tough for little kids!

-Rachel- You have no idea how indebted I will always feel to you for opening my eyes to the world's orphan crisis. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Also, for your support throughout this journey...I don't know how I would have made it through without you!

-Everyone at Great Wall China Adoption (especially Deidre, Beth, Stephanie, and Jenny) and Forever Families Adoption Services for their hard work on our behalf through the mountains of paperwork and for their patience as we navigated this crazy world of international adoption!

-All of my co-workers who patiently put up with my emotional craziness over the last few months and let me come to work even when I should have been cancelled! :)

-So many friends, far too numerous to list, who have offered to help in any way possible. Your prayers, well-wishes, offers to watch the kids or run errands have not gone unnoticed! Thank you all for being invested in our family!

-Everyone who entered our raffle or who have donated money towards our trip...WOW! You have no idea how much we were touched by your generosity. You have allowed us a little "wiggle room" in terms of expenses, which are so vast...every single dollar is helping bring Rylie home, which is the best gift ever! Thank you all so much!

-Ramsey- You are insane....but, thank you.

-Kevin and Michele- for all of your "been there, done that" insight, tips, and support!

-SuAnne- for letting me join in the consignment sale! :) It has been a big help!

There are still more of you that I could thank....I could go on all day. We have been so blessed already. Our hearts are overflowing with the goodness of the people in our lives! We can't wait for Rylie to experience the love and support we have already experienced through you all!


  1. Reads like your academy awards acceptance speech. LOL. Love it! :) I'm glad so many have helped you guys out.

  2. I am just so excited beyond words that another precious orphan is going to know the love of a family - and an amzing family at that :) SOooooo excited for yo guys.