Friday, September 24, 2010

A few things I forgot...

One last visit to the playroom where we met Rylie in Nanchang.

From our hotel window in Nanchang, we noticed these people were raising chickens on their roof.

Firecrackers...constant, annoying LOUD firecrackers outside of the hotel.

Front gate of Rylie's orphanage

The brown building in front is for older people. The tower in the back is part of the Children's area.

Our guide told us Rylie probably lived behind the tall apartment building, where there were homes for foster families.

Good-bye orphanage!!!!!!

I just realized that in last night's post, I forgot a few things! (A lot of this info is so I remember it, so feel free to skip past anything you don't find interesting....)

On our way out of town, we were able to stop by the front entrance of Rylie's orphanage. We weren't even allowed past the gates, so we weren't really able to see the main children's building well, but I have seen pictures on the internet before. I am glad we were able to stop at this spot as well as her finding spot. The other couple we were with weren't able to see either, as their daughter's orphanage was about 2 1/2 hours away. We have been blessed with such wonderful bits of Rylie's history to share with her one day.

Our Nanchang guide told us there are over 100 orphanages in Jiangxi province alone. That's an unbelievable number of orphaned is heartbreaking. Even when we received Rylie's finding ad from the newspaper when she was abandoned, there were just rows and rows of pictures of babies who had no one to claim them. And that was from a small window of time. This goes on week after week, month after month, year after year. So many kids without families....

We were told that domestic adoption is on the rise. You may have more than one child if you adopt, as that doesn't add to the overall population. Jenny said that in order to do a domestic adoption, basically you show up at the orphanage, pick out a child, pay a few fees to the province, and go home. No application, no background check, no homestudy, nothing. What a contrast to what we went through!! She also said you have a month long trial run....if at the end of the month you change your mind, you can bring the child back to the orphanage. Fortunately, she said that doesn't happen much. It sounds horrible, but we thought to ourselves it almost seems like heading down to the SPCA to get a pet. The differences between things here and in the US are so crazy.

Rylie slept in her "crib" last night and did amazing! I didn't hear much thrashing and kicking...perhaps it helps when she feels a little more contained. I think when we get home we will try the pack and play and see how that goes. I know Rush and I were thankful for a beating-free night of sleep, although the beds here in China are pretty comparable to sleeping on a concrete slab with blankets. They are so hard!

The contrast between Nanchang and the area around our hotel here in Guangzhou is amazing. I will post about that tonight after we have had a chance to look around more and take some more pictures.

Here's hoping the medical appointment goes well and that Rylie doesn't need many shots!

Love you all!
Rush, Jen and Rylie

Jonah and Reagan: You guys would love this area! We are right on a river! I will post pictures tonight. I can't wait for Rylie to show you her "crazy"'s hilarious. I have a feeling you 3 will be running around doing it often. J-man, how was your spelling test? Did you spell America correctly? Reagan, we hope preschool was fun! Only one more week until we see you guys!!! We can't wait! Have a GREAT weekend! Love you both SO MUCH!!!!

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