Monday, September 13, 2010

Quick update in pictures....

...because I'm busy with a few other things!

Good-bye summer fun...

Hello first grade!

Back to the ball field...

Reagan transitions some ponies to the world of outside toys.

Getting ready for preschool....she starts in 2 days!

And a few other pics just 'cause I like them...

Oh more thing....

We leave in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. SO EXCITING!! I'm praying for your journey, your time there, and for the kiddos while you are away.
    And HELLO...that picture of Jonah with his backpack..seriously grown up. Tell him to stop it please :D

  2. Oh, and Reagan just gets more and more beautiful!! What a gorgeous little girl :D

  3. Three days???!! More like two, now I guess. Wow. Have lots of fun and make lots of memories! Take time to remember it all. Try some crazy food - my brother ate all kinds of weird things while he was in China. Take some pictures. And bring home that baby!!

    I can hardly wait for you guys to get back safe and happy.

    And then I'm going to make an appointment with you - for a photography session! You take amazing pictures!!