Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shopping for Supplies Day

Good morning!

(She is not a morning person....easily zoned for a good 45 minutes!)

Naked baby hineys everywhere!

I'm guessing this was her 1st shopping cart experience!

Outside of Wal-Mart in front of City Square

Scooters everywhere!

Miss Sassy Pants
(The poor child cannot keep the shades on because her little nose is too flat.
Every time she runs they fall off!)

She looks sad, but really wasn't!

Restaurant for lunch

Laughs with Daddy!

Today, Rylie woke up no longer an orphan!!!! Hooray!!
There wasn't a lot on today's agenda other than heading to Wal-Mart in the city for some needed Rylie supplies.

We started with another great breakfast in the hotel, which we are taking full advantage of since food for the rest of the day is a little questionable. After breakfast, as we were waiting on our guide and driver, I was walking Rylie around the lobby, which includes some water fountains with goldfish. We were looking at them and an older Chinese woman came up very close to us and just stood there watching. After a minute or two, we moved down a bit to get a different view and she followed. I think she was worried I was going to let Rylie fall into the water. ;) She didn't. The woman eventually moved on. No need to contact CPS, thank you. :)

Anyway, we headed through the city to Wal-Mart which was not as much of an experience as I thought. Similarly to the US, it is huge, has everything and was very busy, but I recognized a lot of the products. We bought some diapers and a new sippy cup to try as well as a few snacks and drinks for our room. I took a few pictures but was promptly told by an employee that pictures were not allowed. Ummm, ok. I am fairly certain secret Chinese government information is not being shared in Wal-Mart, but ok. So, the camera was put away.

After we bought our supplies, the other couple with us needed to feed their baby, so they sat in the nearby KFC...yes, KFC right next to the Wal-Mart....while we headed across the street to explore the August 1st Uprising Square, which apparently holds 300,000 people. It was neat, and Rylie enjoyed running around. It is HOT here though....and very humid. I don't even know why I am attempting to do my hair. We melt pretty much as soon as we leave our hotel room. Fortunately tomorrow is supposed to cool off some, but along with the cooler weather comes rain again. Oh well.
A random thing I forgot to mention earlier is how smoky it is here everywhere. The hotel and pretty much every building we have been in reeks of smoke. We sat next to a man smoking yesterday at breakfast and even got in the elevator with a man smoking. I'm not used to that at home! It's driving me nuts (and not doing my contacts any favors)!

After Wal-Mart, our guide took us to a restaurant nearby for lunch. They served a mix of Western and Chinese food although I am quickly learning that my definition of "western" food is different that theirs. :) Rylie peed all over me during lunch. :) We are also learning that she has a major problem with hitting...it's playful, but still needs to be dealt with. We'll have to work on that. After lunch, the kiddos were restless so we headed back to the hotel for naptime, while our guide went back to the notary office and picked up some paperwork for us.
She took a god nap this afternoon and then we ventured out on the streets of Nanchang again and found a great place for dinner. Rylie's province is known for rather spicy food and she loves it. I mentioned earlier that she loves the spicy noodles at breakfast each morning. This evening, I got a rice/beef/pepper dish that was pretty spicy and yet again, she loved it.
We laughed today that at lunch and dinner we listened to the likes of Lionel Richie, Taylor Swift, Whitney Houston, Air Supply, and Niel Diamond. Nothing like a little authentic music when in a foreign country!
We have seen Rylie's personality come out a lot today. She is waving at people left and right. She has also done signs for "more", "thank you", "ball" and blown kisses. She also said "Mama!" She is so smart and observant...I think she will catch on quickly at home. She has had a hard time this evening settling down. She started crying when we put her in bed and is still fighting sleep. I have a feeling we will start to have more of these adjustment moments as she feels more confortable with us. Today included the first cries we have heard since our gotcha moment. Rush took her cup to refill it and she let loose crying. I was glad to see some of her true personality, although her cry was pitiful!
Tomorrow's agenda: Sightseeing! (most likely in the rain)
Jonah and Reagan: Hi guys! I am missing you something terrible tonight! I would love to give you both a big squeeze! Jonah, I am so sorry we missed getting on Skype with you before school....we were caught up at dinner. We got you guys a few things at Wal-Mart today we think you will like. Reagan, enjoy your day with grandpa! Tomorrow you get to go back to preschool! I know you will have fun! You guys be good! We love you so much and miss you tons!!! xoxoxo

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  1. The glasses so remind me of Mia - she could NEVER keep them on either with her flat nose. Since her "nose job" in Jan. she has been rockin them. Loved all the pics. You're doing a great job with the blog Jen it is the first and last thing I check every day :).