Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello China!!!!!!

Well, finally after about 28 hours, we are in Beijing! Wow, that was a long flight! Everything has been pretty uneventful up to this point, which we are thankful for! We were able to sleep some on the flight from Seattle to Beijing which was good since that was the longest portion of our trip. We had to laugh that the "Western" choice for dinner on the plane was Asian Soy Chicken. Really?

Saying goodbye to the kids was much harder than I anticipated! I think I cried until I got on the plane. I didn't expect that....but I know they are in good hands!

We met up with our guide, Michelle, at the airport as well as another family adopting with our group, from Houston. Michelle said there will be about 6 families total in our group. One other family will be with us the whole time, as they are adopting from the same province as us. She also said we are the only ones to get our child on Sunday!! Woo Hoo!!!

Tomorrow, we will see Tiananmen square, the Forbidden City and visit the Great Wall. It is chilly and rainy here but that's ok!

That's all for now! We'll update as much as we can!


  1. So glad you made it!! Try to get a little sleep and then enjoy your time in Beijing. It's amazing!!! I'm praying for you guys!

  2. Can't wait to see all the pictures!! Praying everything else is uneventful too :)

  3. Jennifer,
    I am hoping you can see your comments! Michelle was our guide for Sienna!!! I would love to email you a photo of her to you so you could show Michelle! Also, I sent her an email with some pics to her China email address, and I wanted to know if she got it... Have a wonderful time.. Soon you will have your baby!!!

    Please say hello to Michelle from Diana, Jeff, Ainsley and Sienna (Tung Tung!)


    P.S: Some of our travelmates with our first daughter Ruby are in China now too. Which means you will most likely see them in Guangzhou.. Andrew and Suzan Lowe!!

  4. Great to hear from you. Sounds like the trip went great - glade you got some sleep. That is great one of the families will be with you the whole time. Hope you are enjoying Beijing, I am working all night so will periodically check in, incase you post again before I leave in the morning. What time do you leave Beijing? Can't wait to see pics of gotcha day - it is so close :).