Thursday, March 29, 2012

Park and Medical Exam

This morning, we had free time, so we headed to a park across the street from our hotel. The park was HUGE and surely we did not see everything. But we did see some neat things including an ancient wall from the Ming Dynasty, a huge soccer stadium, a museum, and multiple other buildings we have no idea what they were! Jonah got an Angry Birds keychain, which totally made his day.

Sweepers, sweepers, everywhere!

I think this was some type of museum

The boys and a new friend.

The soccer stadium

The Five Goats Statue

Signs here are hilarious.

The park was full of people today.....we loved watching the groups of people playing Chinese "hackey-sack." They are really good!

Then we headed back to our hotel to meet our guide and another family for lunch. We headed to.....of all places....a Mexican restaurant! It was pretty good too, but we had to laugh at the idea of having Mexican food in China. It was a nice reprieve from Chinese food.

Chinese Car in, they don't use them.

Then we went to have Jude's medical exam. The clinic has moved since we adopted Rylie. It was so much easier too! When we were there with Rylie, we were there for over 3 hours and it was miserable. Today, we were in and out in probably 20 minutes!

New Medical Clinic

We're free for the remainder of the day. Tomorrow we're heading to a medicine market and fish market....which should surely be interesting! Some more families in our group fly in from their provinces tomorrow night.

Jonah is getting a little homesick. He says he misses school and his friends....I'm sure it's hard to be on this long trip without many other kids your age. He enjoyed being with another family's little boy, Niko, today at lunch. Niko is 5, and was adopted from Vietnam when he was 6 months old. His family is from California, and just adopted a little girl who is 3. I think they are having an experience similar to the one we had with Rylie, so we are trying to empathize and encourage them that it DOES get easier!!

Jonah and Niko at the Mexican Restaurant yelling "Ni Hao!" out the window.

Jude is doing phenomenal. He sleeps through the night every night, is very easy going, gets upset every now and then for a minute and then moves on quickly. He makes the funniest faces, and loves to laugh. We are totally and completely in love with this little boy!!! He has been an absolute dream!


  1. LOL at the sign. Glad the medical exam was easier this time around!

    Hi Jonah! It's gotten somewhat cold again at home, so it looks like you are playing outside more in China that you would be here. You are doing a great job as a big brother to Jude and a help to Mommy and Daddy. Jude's not going to remember this trip, so when he's older you will be able to tell him all about it!

    Zachary and Bella can't wait to see you at the airport next weekend! They got report cards yesterday: Bella got all E's and Zachary got all As and A+s. Z has his third baseball practice tonight, and he's really enjoying it.

    I love seeing all of these pictures of you! :)

  2. Exciting! I'm glad Jude is adapting so well. It sounds like everyone is feeling better, too. Thank the Lord!

  3. Praying for sweet Jonah! Soaking up every word on this blog...thank you for taking us along with you! Love to you guys.

  4. Dear Jonah, I hope you are having fun. I bet you like your angry birds keychain. That is cool. From, Catherine