Thursday, March 22, 2012

It is time.

It's been about a year since we started this adoption process. 6 months since we got Judah's file. The wait has seemed like an eternity. And yet, somehow I don't feel ready.

Don't get me wrong...I absolutely and completely can not wait to see my boy.

But I'm kinda freaking out.

It's like having a are scared, excited, and nervous all at the same time. Scared for birth complications. Excited to finally meet this new little person. And nervous you will screw it up somehow.

I'm just plain nervous.

Rylie's transition say the least. To the point I wondered if we'd survive. For at least 6 months it was straight up hard.

I'm nervous to go through that again. Nervous that I'm not up to the challenge this time. Nervous that I'm going to stink as a mom of 4 kids. That I'm so totally and completely in over my head.

If it's hard, it will be worth it. But I feel like I need to emotionally prepare for that again. I am desperately hoping and praying it will be a little more smooth this time. But I also feel like I've gotta get my game-face on just in case. Hence the nerves.

Anyway, ready or is time.

If you're following along, please, please leave us some comments!!! You have no idea how uplifting they are to read throughout our trip!! We look forward to bringing you along!


  1. Does this mean you were up at 3:45am? - LOL

    It's going to be great - you are an amazing momma, just remember what your little guy needs most is a family to love him - the rest will work out.

    Love you Jen - Sooo excited :)

  2. I understand your feelings, I'm there! I excited that it's your turn! I'm not to far behind you! Blessings Vicky

  3. I hope you have fun in Beijing, but let's get to the good stuff already! :)

  4. Catherine and I are eagerly following along. "Have fun, Jonah" love, Kristen and Catherine

  5. So excited for you! can't wait to keep reading about this next chapter! you are going to be a GREAT mom of 4!

  6. So very excited for you and your family Jennifer! You guys will do absolutely fine!

  7. Have a safe trip!! The Crawford Family will be glued to your blog for updates!!! If you need anything - PLEASE let us know! We might be in Roanoke, but we'd be happy to help in anyway!
    <3 The Crawford Family

  8. I am stalking you as much as one can!! I will HAVE to get me access to the net for the next couple weeks!
    You ARE going to get through whatever comes your way, but we will be praying for a wonderful time in China and meeting Judah. Just remember, he will eventually stop crying, the plane ride will eventually end, and he will fall asleep every night! And you will eventaully can't imagine your life without him! Not every adoption is challenging. I truly hope this one is easier on everyone. My sweet boy and I are praying for you all constantly and can't wait to see pictures and meet him!
    And remember, if you need to vent off the blog, you can ALWAYS email me!! kevichele or homecoordinator @ yahoo, or send one to kevin's work
    Love you all!
    the Harvers

  9. Praying praying praying! So ridiculously excited for you all...and proud of you too. Love you all!

  10. PRAYING!!!
    I know you will be an AWSOME mom of 4 ! Just know there are prayers and much care from this end as you brave that end!!! We will be watching closely and praying often! And, AWWW! LOVE the suitcases! Go get that boy!!

  11. "To him who is able to do abundantly more than we could ask or imagine." Praying that the Lord fills you to overflowing with confidence and that Jude's transition is smoother than smooth. He is blessed to have such an incredible family!!

  12. I think as moms we are always nervous when we bring a new one into the clan, and we always wonder if we're up to the task--but I have no doubt that you and Rush will handle this like champs and that little boy is SO LUCKY to be given parents like you. Best of luck from The Rippels!

  13. Hey, Jen, You'll be a terrific Mom to 4 kids because you are a terrific mom to 3 kids already! Love & Prayers, Debra