Friday, March 23, 2012


That's the one word I could come up with to describe today. Just brutal.

Rush never went to sleep....I got 2 hours. We were out the door at about 4:15am to go the airport, flew to Newark and had over a 5 hour layover. We pretty much found a spot just to hang out for a while and parked there for most of the time. It just so happened to be near a gate for a flight heading to Phoenix and we saw Cindy McCain waiting to board!

Anyway, our flight to Beijing left around 1pm, set to arrive about 13 hours later. That flight is just killer. I remember thinking that surely, we were close. Instead, we were only 1/3 of the way there!

It doesn't help that I am sick. :( What's up with that timing? And the dry airplane air, lack of enough to drink, and no meds did me in. Now I have water and my little pharmacy, so hopefully that will help.

We met another lady on the flight from North Carolina who is adopting as well. This is also her second adoption. We have the same Consulate Appointment at the end of the trip, so we will see her again!

Anyway, we are here in Beijing, tired....but safe and sound.

Jonah did great on the flight. He watched some movies, slept some and read some. Now, he is bouncing off the walls...I think this time adjustment should be interesting!

He and Rush walked this evening and found a McDonald's for dinner. I crashed in the room for a bit. I'm hoping that a good night's rest will help me feel a little better.

Anyway, tomorrow morning (Saturday) we'll meet our group and head to do some sightseeing with our guide. We're set to see Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, a Jade Factory, and the Great Wall. We did the same tour where we were here adopting Rylie, but it should be cool experiencing it again with Jonah.

Then, Sunday we will fly to Guangzhou and Monday afternoon we are set to get Jude!

Please pray that I would feel better!!! It's really tough being here and not feeling up to par. I don't want to miss out on anything on this trip, nor do I want to be feeling bad as we get Jude!

Here are some pics from the trip....some of them were just taken with our little digital camcorder, so the quality is not very good!

Waiting in RIC at the crack of dawn

Our flying home for the next 13 hours

Jonah in our hotel lobby. This is the same Beijing hotel we stayed in when we
came to adopt Rylie.

McDonald's in China....he said it tasted the same as home!

Looking outside of our hotel

By the time the rest of the pictures uploaded....he was out!

Reagan and Rylie- We miss you girls so much!!! There was an advertisement in the Newark airport that had a picture of a little girl who was THE spitting image of Reagan! It looks like you guys are having fun. Are you using your countdown chains? Be good for everyone!! We love and miss you and hope we can Skype soon.


  1. Yay!! Love all of Jonah's big smiles. What an adventure! :)Enjoy the tour today.

  2. Those pics of Jonah are SO cute. Feel better, Jennifer... I know how terrible it is to be sick- especially when you are far from home. At least you have two boys to take care of you. :)

  3. Yay for safe arrival! I hope and pray that you're feeling better soon and the guys stay well. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

  4. What a neat experience for Jonah! Praying for you all, and specifically for healing for you!

  5. Jonah looks so excited!!! Glad you made it safe... was thinking about you last night and said to K, they should be landing in a few hours...!
    Hope you feel better soon! You got a baby to kiss on soon!

  6. I am on my 4th night shift, so on the same schedule as you right now - lol. So sorry you are feeling bad Jen, praying you are feeling better this morning. Thanks for taking the time to blog :).

  7. Welcome to Beijing!!! SO sorry you are sick. :-( You managed to look adorable with Jonah. What a cute excited guy! Oh on my knees for your health... Have fun! If you see something you like in Beijing, you might consider buying it there... Patrick said he couldn't find half of what he hoped for in Guangzhou compared to what he remembered from Beijing!!! That is particular stuff he was looking for, so might not be that way for you... but just in case, don't count on the same things in both places necessarily. Just a tip from recent BTDT. :-) Looks like gorgeous weather coming in the south!!! yay!
    SO looking forward to seeing the little man of the hour!

  8. Catherine says Jonah looks like he is already having fun! Amazing how kids are more patient on the plane than we are! Glad you arrived safely. Surely, you will feel better soon!, Jennifer. Can't wait to see what the next adventure will be! Kristen and Catherine