Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Words With Spouses

Rush discovered "Words With Friends" on his smart phone a while back. He and some of his friends at work have been having continuous battles for the past few weeks. I thought it was a little silly.

But then....

We discovered there is a way to play on Facebook.

Oh. My. Gosh.

They should call it "Crack with Words." Seriously addicting.

My first battle was with my husband. He smoked me. In my defense though, he's a "s" and "ed" adder. So unfair. (Unless it's me that has those chances, which I will take full advantage of, thank-you-very-much.) But, he really and truly kicked my butt. I relented. But the battle rages on....

I'm hoping our marriage survives, considering there's also a "chat" option. Better known as a "smack talk" option here. Thank God for John Acuff's guidance.

Now he has just one more excuse for not getting me a smartphone. Thanks a heap, Facebook.


  1. So, I figured out that I could jump into Jeremy's games on FB!!! hahaha!! So, I've hijacked a couple of his games...but to his advantage of course :-)