Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Black and White Wednesday- Princess Rylie

A while back, I found a blog that drew me in immediately. Adorned with gorgeous pictures of her kids, I noticed one of her beauties was Chinese....and named Reagan.....and came home from China just a few weeks after Rylie. Well, back in the spring, she offered some on-line photography classes, which I signed up for as my birthday present. I have always loved taking pictures, and a few years ago got a used dSLR camera, although I really knew nothing about its functions above staying in Auto. Well, Lisa taught us some super-useful info, which transitioned us all into shooting in manual. I still need a lot of practice, but have had fun learning!

Of course, I have lots of opportunities to practice with the kids....when they decide to cooperate.

Rylie has been my biggest challenge, though. She hasn't quite figured out the smile-on-demand thing, or how to continue looking at the camera for more than a split second. Luckily, she gave me a great opportunity to practice one morning, while she was playing dress up. She took just about every conceivable thing she could find to put on, and transformed herself into a fancy little princess.

At first, she didn't really get into it.

And I think she was annoyed at the camera being in her face.

Or distracted by her toes.

But, I couldn't let the opportunity pass by.

To capture a moment when this little girl initiated a little session of pretend play.

And one in which she looked so beautiful at that.

Well, I couldn't let that moment pass by.

How I love you, my little princess. And I love capturing your moments of joy.

the long road


  1. Love your new blog look *and that you're back* :)
    She looks gorgeous! Love the one of her eyes closed. So precious!

  2. These pictures of Princess Rylie are just beautiful!

    She is such a cutie!!!



  3. Those came out GREAT! Love all her jewelry. So cute.