Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Starting Over

It seems the most recent theme on my little blog has either been ABSENCE or CATCHING UP. Sorry about that. I truly have no idea where 2011 has gone. August sneaked up on me from out of nowhere! I guess that's what happens with 3 kids. Time literally flies. And I am having a hard time keeping up.

For now, mostly for myself to are a few highlights!

  • Rush's sister came home from the Philippines, where she has been serving for the past year as a teacher at a school for kids of missionaries. Reagan was lucky enough to fly out to LA with her grandparents to meet Sharon as she arrived back in the States. While they were there, they went to Disneyland!!!! She loved every minute of being treated like a princess and had a great trip!
  • Rush took Jonah to Disney World for one of their Star Wars Weekends. Being the Star Wars nut he is, he went crazy. He didn't even know he was going until the morning of their flight. We woke him up and had him get ready, just as if he was going to school. Over breakfast, Rush spilled the beans. It was awesome. I think Jonah was in shock all weekend.
  • We had a week in the Outer Banks over spring break with Rush's family. It was Rylie's first real beach experience and minus a few moments, she loved it!
  • Rush and I were lucky enough to have a few days in Cozumel in May. It was nice to literally have nothing to do. Well, except sit on the beach or by the pool all day long.
  • Jonah lost his first tooth!
  • My sister had a baby....she lives in Roanoke, so my mom and I packed up the kids and headed for a visit. Sadly, the kids had never been to Virginia Tech before, so we took the opportunity to take them to Blacksburg for the first time! Rush was disappointed (to put it mildly) that he didn't get to come, but the kids LOVED it! We checked out campus, played on the drillfield, hung out at the duckpond and more. I wish we had a little more time there, but overall, it was awesome going back and having the kids with me. Last year was the first time since we graduated that we have missed going to at least one football game per season (since we just got home with Rylie). Fortunately, this year we get to head back to a game and take Jonah with us! Can. Not. Wait!
I'm sure there is so much more I could list, but I think those are the big things.

In other news, Rylie is doing great! She's progressing well in speech therapy and her therapist seems really pleased. She LOVES her Sunday School class and adored bible school last week. The girl pays attention....she knew a lot of the words and motions to the songs they learned. I was really surprised at how much she remembered!

There's some big news coming down the pipeline. I know I alluded to it months ago and left a lot of people hanging. Sorry about that! I promise I will share soon.

And, I am going to really try to get back on the blog bandwagon consistently!

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  1. We loved Pandamania this year! The girls loved all the songs and even Bailey (who didn't go) learned all the songs and the movements :)