Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's in a name?

Oh....the baby name choices....again! We had a pretty easy time choosing Jonah and Reagan's names. We didn't intend to keep the R and J theme going at the time. Reagan was actually my favorite baby girl name since college or so and Jonah just came easily to us. Anyway, we feel compelled to go ahead and give our next daughter a name. Maybe it will help make her more real, considering she won't even be born for a couple of years probably. :)

We are having a tough time with this one though!! We already know that we want to keep part of her Chinese name, probably somewhere in the middle. But, wow....we are really having problems! I'm wondering if the R/J thing really matters....will it make her feel like it's just one more thing that makes her different in our family if we choose something else? It might seem like I'm reading way into it...but I think when you choose to adopt a child that will blatantly look different than the rest of the family, it's something you think about.

Anyway, any thoughts or suggestions are welcome! We'll make our decision known whenever we decide!

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