Monday, May 26, 2008

My inspiration....

In an effort to make this blog "fair and balanced" I thought it was important for me to not let Jen have all the here is my first post. Busy times are normal around our house with the constant repairs, two kids, busy work schedules. The fact that Jen is about a month "pregnant" with our next one also adds to the excitement around here...just another 36 months or so til delivery!

I wanted to give everyone a look into my mind (scary I know) and why this adoption thing is the such a big deal to me. So here goes.

I always envisioned having two little ones running around my house. Jen did a fabulous job providing me with a perfect little boy and girl. What else could we possibly need? One wasn't enough and anything more than two would be sure chaos, right? Shortly after my baby doll Reagan arrived I started to feel a tug that maybe, just maybe, we weren't done expanding the Middleton Clan. And despite all my fears, stresses, and increased blood pressure of having a little girl, I really thought I would like to have another little lady. For some reason whenever I dreamed of what another Middleton girl would look like I would get a bit troubled. You see, in my mind, she looked absolutely nothing like me or Jen! Jet black hair, olive skin and eyes that were gorgeous but in a totally different way. Finally I came to terms with the fact that she was Chinese! When I told Jen that I wanted to discuss adopting a girl from China I know she was floored. The coolest thing is that the same seed had already been planted in her heart. I really have to give Reagan a lot of the credit for inspiring me to want to adopt. I absolutely adore her and have had so much fun having a little girl......way more than I ever thought I would. She is perfect and I can't wait to meet her sister. So here we are, starting the initial phase of the expansion project that is our family. One awesome little boy and my two little from the west and one from the east.


  1. "...pregnant with our next one" threw me for a momentary loop there! ; )
    I'm glad you guys decided to blog this process. It's fun to get to keep up with everything!

  2. Hello! My name is Dena, and I'm 'friends' with Julie up there! She sent me your link. We came home from China a little over a year ago with our Piper Grace. We also have a bio. boy and girl.

    Loved reading how you came to the decision to adopt, sounds a lot like our story. Our journey has been truly amazing, hope yours is too! We have some friends leaving on Tuesday for China, and I just want to go with them and do it all over again.

    You have a beautiful family. Many blessings on your wait.