Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Unveiling....

So...we're making the official announcement...kind of. We have chosen a name for our not-soon-enough-to-be daughter! Our plan has always been to give her an American first and middle name and then use a portion of her Chinese name as well. So, I'll fill you all in on what we've chosen but understand that the middle portion anyway might change depending on how it sounds with the Chinese part we keep.

And...drum roll please.....

Rylie Kailyn it is! She'll have the same initials as Rush. :) I hope you all like it! For some reason, Rylie just stayed in my head and I couldn't shake it no matter how many other names I checked out. We chose that spelling because we thought it seemed a little more girly than Riley, which a lot of boys also use. Plus, I think "Reagan and Rylie" sounds really cute!

Lucky for us, Jonah has approved. :) Let the "R" and "J" theme continue!

And just because.....here's a Memorial Day pic of Reagan. Yes, I am obsessed with the pigtails now. Can you blame me? Look at her!!! :)

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  1. I LOVE the name Rylie! It was in my short list if Daniel had been a girl. Yea!!! Very cute name.

    And oh my, Reagan! The cute factor is overwhelming! : )