Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Progress....

Today we had our final interview for our homestudy. Our social worker, Clair, came to our house at about 10:30 and stayed for about 2 hours. The kiddos had to be there and we could not have asked them to be better behaved. Reagan went down for a nap shortly after she arrived, and Jonah chatted with us and then really entertained himself for most of the time before being the official tour guide. He even got a special surprise for his good behavior (a new matchbox car). :)

Mostly, this visit consisted of a tour of our house, us explaining our reasons for wanting to adopt, our families' feelings towards it, plans once she's here, travel plans, etc. It was really a stress-free pleasant visit. We love talking about adoption anyway, so this was great! Now, all that's left on the homestudy end is sending them the rest of our required paperwork (some medical forms, employment letters, etc) and sending their final copy to Immigration along with our application for approval to adopt internationally and have the child become a citizen. After that....more dossier (our compilation of things sent to China) stuff and waiting for immigration approval. Then comes, the dreaded wait. It's upwards of 28 months now so we're hoping the patience starts setting in! I'm so glad a lot of this paperwork is almost done!!

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