Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oh Sweet Girl...

Today, my baby girl is 5.


I know it sounds cliched. But I don't know how it happened! It really does seem like yesterday that she was born. Time just flies.

I adore this girl.

She can be the sweetest, funniest thing.

She is hilarious to have a conversation with.

She can be super helpful and kind.

Or she will kill you as you sleep.

Sometimes it's just a toss up!

Deep down, I love her stubbornness. And spunk. And fierceness.

Usually though, she's sensitive. And sweet as pie.

Just don't cross her! Then, you're on your own.

Today, she got to go to Target and pick out something with her birthday money. I tried not to intervene. It was hard. She chose a Barbie toy, a stuffed toy from the movie Rio, and a hideous Angry Birds shirt, which she insisted on wearing right away. Somehow, I managed to pry it off of her for these pics. Thank goodness.

I'll sure miss my favorite 4 year old. Good thing there's a 5 year old waiting on me. I'm certain she'll be pretty awesome.

Happy Birthday my precious Reagan!!! I love you to the moon and back!


  1. WOW! She has grown up so fast!!! I know she was glad to have you all home for her big day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY REAGAN! -the crawfords

  2. So glad you made it home for her BD!!! She came over to me again Sunday at children's church and I said your mommy and daddy are coming home today, right? She had the BIGGEST grin on her face, she couldn't even talk. I know she is so happy you all are home now!

  3. LOVe this post!! Happy Birthday to your beautiful, precious, girl. :)