Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Botanical Garden and "Red" Couch Pics

Today we headed to the botanical gardens here in Guangzhou. I forget the actual name of it, but it is a place we also went last time we were here. I must say, the Chinese know how to create parks and landscapes that are absolutely beautiful. There are many parks around and each one is very impressive...lush and gorgeous.

Jonah was born in the year of the Monkey, which is totally fitting!

This garden is a little unique in that there are areas with cartoon statues....Mario, Angry Birds, Snoopy, and others, which is a little *different* I guess you could say, but whatever. Jonah enjoyed them!

The kids in our group....Jack (3 1/2), Jude (21 months), and Tinsley (2 1/2)

Then we headed to lunch at an Italian place....which was deserted, but delicious!

Since the White Swan Hotel is now closed for renovations, the infamous adoption "Red Couch" pictures are a no-go. So, we got the boys in their traditional outfits and took some pics in our room, which probably worked out just as well.

Taken by Jonah

This evening for dinner we headed back to the Chinese neighborhood behind out hotel and braved another local joint. The food was delicious....and it only cost us about $4.50 for 3 huge plates of food!

Good news....I'm feeling a little better! Still coughing a lot and a little congested, but this morning I didn't feel like I'd been hit by a truck. The bad news, now Rush is feeling bad. We can't win, can we?

Anyway, tomorrow to kill some time, our groups is going to check out a Pavilion nearby and then have lunch and that's all that's on the agenda. Thursday, however, is our Consulate Appointment, Friday we get Jude's visa and then hit the railways to head to Hong Kong.

Jude is doing amazing. He is so stinking lovable and really is just such a content little guy. When he gets upset, he gets over it quickly. He makes the most hilarious faces and just could not be any easier at this point! :) And that's all with him being a little sick! We are so thankful that he is part of our family now and we are feeling so blessed!


  1. Look at those mirror pictures---too cute! And just wait til I show Catherine how handsome Jonah looks in that photo with his little brother--rivals the tie for the school photo for sure! Enjoy your last days in mainland China--and be well!--doctors orders! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh! That "angry face" in the mirror - your Easter ham! lolololololol

  3. OH MY GOODNESS, had no idea you were already in CHINA....CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Jonah is beautiful....and looks like he is doing extremely well!!! Best Wishes to you and your family and safe travels!! God Bless~



  4. That serious face is the BEST!!! Glad you are feeling better. Praying for Rush!