Saturday, October 9, 2010

Week One...Check!

Well, we have officially survived our first full week home. This week has been full of jet lag, tears, frustration, screams, laughs, doctors appointments, sick kids, visits from friends, troubleshooting problems, baby steps and even some periods of joy. :)

I am definitely glad to be to this point. I certainly don't want to experience another week like this one, because quite frankly, it pushed us to our limits. But, things should start to get easier with each passing day (we hope!) and we are looking forward to each new bit of progress we see with Rylie.

Ultimately, we are glad she's finally here! We can't wait to watch her get more settled and adapted to our home and family and to watch her blossom as she grows. We have 3 pretty amazing blessings!


  1. What a beautiful picture!! I love it!!

    (and we have those cute sister shirts too!)

  2. So cute! And I'm hoping you don't have another week like that again too!