Thursday, October 28, 2010

Losing my mind.....

So, I've been a little distracted recently. I just feel like there's SO much to do, and not enough time to do it all. I'm trying....but you know how it is....

Anyway, the other day was a doozy. I am I still hoping none of my neighbors were watching through their windows. If they saw my spectacle, they haven't admitted it to me!

Saturday, I worked all day. As soon as I got home, Rush left to head to D.C. to run a race. So, Saturday night I was solo with the kids. Things were ok for the most part, aside from getting Rylie to bed. Sunday morning, we skipped out on church. Because Rylie is not going into the nursery yet, I thought getting 3 kids to church, only to do some solo child-wrangle during the whole service didn't sound too appealing. So, we stayed home. It was a beautiful day, and Jonah suggested going on a walk. Better yet, I thought he could ride his bike.

So, I loaded up the double stroller with the girls and got Jonah's bike out. We went out in front of the house and I started to help Jonah get on his bike. Once he was securely on, I turned around, only to find the girls careening backwards down our sloped cul-de-sac. I forgot to set the brake. Awesome. Ironically, both of them were just sitting there, quietly, as they wheeled backwards at increasingly fast speeds. It wasn't until I started chasing after them that Reagan started screaming. Fortunately, they didn't hit a car. They didn't hit a curb. They perfectly went into our neighbor's driveway and I was able to catch them right before they hit the garage. Whew.

I turned back around and realized that I had dumped Jonah, who was now on the ground, in the road, under his bike.


I ROCK as a mom of 3! :)

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  1. Thank the Lord for grace :D Love you girl! Hang in there.