Monday, July 21, 2008

A rare post from Rush.....

As many of you know my job often takes me to odd places, introduces me to the strangest people in the world, and exposes me to some of the worst things our society has to offer. Well today I had the chance to meet with some folks at a local daycare to assist them with a "security assessment".....on the surface it sounds fairly tame, and surely I have much cooler stories to tell about things I've seen and places I've been. But hear me out.

To start I will make the following disclaimer: The statements I am about to make are in no way a reflection of the childcare industry as a whole or intended to criticize those with children in day care. Many facilities I have been in are wonderfully maintained, have excellent staff, and provide a great environment for children.

The facility I was in today (which will remain nameless) is a federally subsidized daycare and many of the children come from a very difficult home life. As I began to make rounds through the building with the owner/operator, providing security and crime prevention advice we inevitably ran into children everywhere. Although the accommodations were not horrific, I would certainly not rate them as acceptable for my own children, and couldn't imagine dropping either of my kids off there for the day.

I guess because of the process we are in to get our little girl, being there amongst all these kids just made me think of her. I don't want to compare this day care to orphanages in China, but it was all I could think about. No matter what race, age, or gender the children and babies I saw today were, they all looked the same to me.....every one of them was crying out to me in Chinese. This daycare that I wouldn't think of leaving my kids in was probably light years ahead of many of the facilities where thousands of Chinese babies have spent every moment of their lives.

My trip to the day care today ended up serving two purposes:
1) Provide security advice for the business
2) Confirm in my mind that I want nothing more than to go to China and get my baby and bring her home.

Don't worry Rylie....we are coming soon (even though you haven't been born yet)!!

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