Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Package Received!

Well, I just got a letter from Immigration which basically serves as a receipt that they got our application and money for our adoption petition. We happen to be some of the first people to experience a change in their procedures....they have a new application which gets run through a new process. I guess things used to be handled through local field offices and now they are submitted there and then transferred to a national office or something like that. Pretty much, we just wait now to hear when our fingerprinting is scheduled for, go get that done in Norfolk, and wait some more. Oh, and yes, we've already been fingerprinted once....locally. However, I guess there is no sharing of information or something because we have to have national ones done too. You would think the digital age would make some of those things easier...but not yet I guess. So, yet another hoop to jump through for now. :) We'll keep you updated! Please continue to pray for things to go smoothly! Thanks!

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