Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Snapshot- Washington

Before school starts and takes away our summer fun, we decided to take the kids up to D.C. for the day. They've been begging to go back to the National Zoo for a while, so we packed up and headed north. We started out early, amazingly hit no traffic, and got right into the city. Much to the kids' chagrin, we started by checking out some monuments, using the zoo somewhat as a bribe to get through some history-chasing. :)

Taking our newest little U.S. citizen to the nation's capital was a pretty cool thing. She seemed impressed....

Jonah and Reagan....well, they ended up playing Star Wars. Which they found more interesting than Mr. Lincoln.

Rush really wanted to see the new Martin Luther King, Jr memorial so we headed that way. Little did we know that they were dedicating it that morning. We arrived about an hour before it was open to the public but were able to see pretty well through a fence. We also ran right into Jesse Jackson and some family members of MLK, himself right at the entrance. What timing!

After lunch in front of the White House, we headed to the zoo, which of course, the kids loved.

Sadly, school starts in just a few short days. Jonah is beyond excited, as he got the teacher he wanted, and he has some good friends in his class again. I'm excited for him, and for Reagan to restart preschool, because she loves it so much, but I am a bit sad for my buddies to be gone again. We've had such a great summer! But there's so much in store for the fall too!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun in D.C. I cannot wait to go in October.

  2. I love DC. Planning a few extra days up there after I graduate in Alexandria in May. My daughter is already super excited because it's been several years since we were last up there together and she has a list of "must see" places already!

  3. how fun! I love to visit DC!!!! I took my oldest to Fredericksburg about a month ago for the first time...we had tons of fun!!!