Monday, December 6, 2010


Lots to be thankful for around here this year! We made a "Thankful Tree" and wrote down some of our favorite things. Legos, candy, and bananas made the lists of the kids. Of course, Rylie coming home was surely the highlight!

Reagan and Rylie were my kitchen helpers. Mostly, they helped eat the supplies.

My 3 pilgrims

Thanksgiving and Christmas are always busy around here. Since our families both are local, we head to both places; one for lunch and one for dinner. We LOVE not travelling, but it makes for a long day for everyone....including our stomachs!

This year, we started at my mom's. Our family has outgrown her house, so she rented the clubhouse in her neighborhood. It was great!

The "older" cousins had their own table.

Rylie seemed to thoroughly enjoy the day.....especially since it involved food!

Unfortunately, Rylie ended up with a fever once we got to Rush's parents' house, so I don't really have any pictures from their house. She was fine once she woke up the next morning though. Regardless, I think she was impressed with her first taste of the holidays in America!

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