Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fancy Times

A few weeks ago, one of our neighbors handed-down a suit to Jonah. He was so excited! He decided to wear it for picture day at school (which we haven't gotten back yet) and then made even bigger plans.

He decided he wanted to wear his suit to church (but come into the service with us, as his suit was too "fancy" for his class), and then, go to a "fancy" restaurant for lunch.

A really fancy place.....

.....The Olive Garden.

So, today, we all dressed up for church. Then, we headed to the fancy Olive Garden. I figured it was worth know, being fancy and all.

We learned a lot.

Apparently, fancy restaurants have cool things like Tic-tac-toe.

But, we didn't feel like it was fancy enough. So, we took care of that.

Rush was impressed with the prices at the fancy restaurant.

Even the girls were thrilled to have the opportunity to experience such a fancy place.

It was an experience we will certainly remember for a long that we're fancy and all.


  1. What a fancy family! :) I love seeing Reagan's dress on Riley! LOVE that one. I still haven't been able to part with Baileys. I keep putting her in it with leggings :D Jonah cracks me up!

  2. If you have a Maggiano's nearby, you should take him all dressed up to Maggiano's and eat Family Style. That's what I call fancy. But be prepared to shell out $30 per adult and $10 for each child.