Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another one...

Today, Jonah's school had a great little Veteran's Day program. All the first graders were singing, so I headed down to the school with the girls bright and early this morning to watch. I have to admit, cheesy as I am, that I got a little teary watching all these kids sing songs about our country and wave flags! It was so cute!

When Jonah got home, we got on the subject of George Washington. Jonah studied him a little bit in kindergarten, but said he couldn't remember anything about him. Of course, I took the opportunity to refresh his memory... Reagan was happy to participate.

Jonah: I don't remember much about him.

Me: He was the first what?

Jonah: President

Me: What kind of hat did her wear?

Jonah: One with 3 corners.

Me: A tri-corner hat. Right. He was called the Father of what?

Reagan: Jesus!