Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Get the stuff outta here!

The attic has been cleaned out.
Furniture sold on craigslist....well, except for Jonah's crib.
All of Reagan's clothes under 18 months sorted.
Clothes, shoes, toys, and other various baby items tagged and sorted for 2 different consignment sales.

It feels nice to get unneeded things out of the house and to make a little money for our adoption. But it's a little sad at the same time.

Good bye sweet baby shoes.
Good bye bouncey seat.
Good bye baby bathtub.
Good bye precious little dresses.
Good bye baby toys.

All of this stuff...well, it's just stuff. And I would sell it all again in a second if it helps bring Miss Rylie home. But getting rid of it all is bittersweet.

Reagan's tiny feet filled those baby shoes. Both kids sat in that bouncey seat, and got their first baths in that tub. And those precious little dresses ....well, it's hard to believe my girl ever was small enough to fit in them. I have snapshot memories of my kiddos with each toy and thing we have gotten rid of. And it makes me a little sad to see how they are growing, how they will never be those same munchkins who needed all of that stuff.

Yet, I have to remind myself....it's just stuff.

And with kids, well, there's always more stuff coming.

Add in another kid, and you guessed it....more stuff.

But, the first stuff....the littlest stuff, well, that will always be my favorite stuff.


  1. Know how you feel. I have a box where I kept a couple of the kids little outfits and shoes I was just looking at them the other day and they bought back so many precious memories.

  2. I hear ya. We did the same thing. Twice. I was hard. I just sold our crib yesterday. We used it as a toddler bed with Kate first came home. It was actually hard to see it go. All three of my girls spent time in that crib. Sigh. The things that hold meaning, right?!?

  3. I saved all my favorite outfits to make into a quilt...I just couldn't part with them. :)

  4. I can empathize! I, too, have boxes for each of the kids with some keepsakes. But, sometimes I just want to hold them as babies again. I like the tiniest stuff, too. :)
    Debra Hearington