Thursday, July 8, 2010


It's hard to believe Jonah has been out of school for 3 weeks now! We've been having a ton of fun and (im)patiently waiting to hear more adoption news. Things around here have been crazy!

Jonah's 6th birthday was right after school let out. We told him we weren't doing a big party this year, but he could have a couple of friends from school over for a little "campout." They didn't actually spend the night.....just played in a tent and cooked out over a fire. I think they had a great time. I just can't believe my boy is 6!

We've spent some time at the beach and playing with friends. We've loved not having too much scheduled and getting to sleep in a bit! We've needed the rest considering how much work has been going on preparing things for Rylie's arrival.

I went through pretty much everything Reagan has ever owned, trying to sort and figure out what to keep for Rylie. We've sold a bunch of stuff on craigslist to raise some travel money. Both kids' rooms have been turned upside down. We had to get bunkbeds for the girls' room...ideally, Rylie would go in a crib, but she has to share a room with Reagan, and things are pretty tight in there, so bunkbeds are about our only option. While we were at it, Jonah got a new bed as well and we sold his dressers from his nursery set to give him some more room. Paint has been touched up, light fixtures changed, and it goes on and on. I also have a million things to sort through and get organized to sell in our church's fall consignment sale. Not to mention getting ready to travel and making arrangements for the kids while we are gone. It's easy to feel a little overwhelmed right now.

We are still waiting on our immigration approval for Rylie. I called today and actually spoke to a real live government employee who said our approval should have happened today. I'm not holding my breath. We are still looking at a September or October time frame to travel. I am torn about September. While I would love to go get her as soon as possible, I also want to be here as the kids start school and adjust. However, it's really out of my hands, so I am trusting God to continue His perfect timing He has already shown us throughout this process.

Here's a picture recap of our summer so far!

Jonah's last day of Kindergarten!

Heading to see Toy Story 3!

Jonah finished up his first season of t-ball and LOVED it. He's playing baseball again in the fall.

Hunting for creatures at Yorktown Beach.

Now for some Independence Day fun....

Jonah heads to Arts Camp at church this week, which he is super excited about. This week will also be full of spending some last good times with Rush's sister, Sharon, before she heads out on the mission field to the Philippines on Monday, July 19th.

Whew.....that's all for now!


  1. LOve those pictures!! The one of Rush and Reagan is precious! Can't wait to hear about your approval!

  2. The pictures are awesome! Love them! Sounds like you are making good progress in getting ready for Rylie. :)