Friday, July 23, 2010

Pre-Adoption Appointment

Rush and I had an appointment this morning with Rylie's plastic surgeon who will be repairing her cleft palate and revising her lip/nose. It was a fantastic experience! Really, I cannot say enough about this least that's our impression for now.

First, we met with one of the nurses who was a wealth of information about what to expect and then we saw the doctor. Basically, after we return home and get settled in, we will go in to have Rylie evaluated all at once by a team including the plastic surgeon, dentist, psychiatrist, ENT, audiologist, speech therapist and more. She will have her palate repaired first, as that is where the most function will be gained. She will also get a more detailed hearing evaluation and possibly tubes put in her ears at the same time. That will be an overnight stay in the hospital. Later, she will have her lip revised and nose rebuilt a little, but there's no rush there, since they are mainly cosmetic repairs and not so much needed functionally.

Over the course of her childhood/into early adulthood, we can expect about 5 or more surgeries, depending on how things heal and grow.

I am so thrilled to have such wonderful, skilled, compassionate people to work with through this process. What a blessing! (Not to mention how much more comfortable I feel with things since the surgery will be where I work! I've worked with this doctor's patients on my unit, but haven't had the pleasure of meeting her before, due to the usual hours I work.)

Here's a link to the clinic.... VCU Center for Craniofacial Care


  1. One of our nearest and dearest friends have a little girl (six weeks older than bailey) that was born with cleft lip/palate. Even with the great care from the get-go, she has to have her lip re-repaired already. So, Riley's not too far behind. :) I've heard the palate surgery can be a bit challenging to recover from. We'll be praying for her!! And you :D

  2. I'm so glad you had such a good first visit. Gives much peace for what's to come. :)

  3. I know we love them too. They have always taken such good care of Mia and us :).