Monday, May 4, 2009

Recent Trips

April was a busy month for the Middleton household! We spent spring break in Duck, NC with friends for a wedding and then Rush and I were able to spend some time in New York City last week.

The beach was great. Although the weather wasn't fabulous, we were still able to get out on the beach a few times for the kids to play. I think Jonah is now officially a beach bum. Reagan on the other hand took a while to warm up to walking on the sand. We also got to celebrate Reagan's 2nd birthday while we were there! Click here for some pics! There are also some here from her birthday party once we got home.

This past week Rush and I were able to get away to NYC for 5 days. What an awesome trip! We stayed just a few blocks from the Empire State Building and had a great time! We saw Mamma Mia, went to a Mets game, checked out the Bodies Exhibit (amazing!!!), took a little cruise, walked the Brooklyn Bridge, went to the WTC (of course), the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, the South Street Sea Port, Chinatown, and lots more! I think Rush's favorite part was eating....boy did we have some good meals! You can check out our pictures here and here! There are just too many to post here on the blog! (And no, we didn't catch the swine flu despite heading to Queens, riding the subway and flying! Also, ironically, we were in lower Manhattan the whole day of the now infamous Air Force One debacle but never saw or heard anything! )

In other news, I went and registered Jonah for kindergarten today. It's so hard to believe he'll be heading to "real" school in the fall. He is super excited about going! I felt good at the school....of course everyone was really nice and helpful. Also, the kids of both his preschool teachers from the past 2 years go or have gone there and they have great things to say which is reassuring. He will know a few kids that will also be starting there....I am really hoping there's at least one in his class to help with the transition. Although at this point, I think the only one that will have a hard time with that transition is me! We have a parent night on Wednesday and I am really anxious to check things out!

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