Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christmas 2008

Well, I am REALLY far behind on the blog...go figure. Let me start with Christmas, I guess! We had a great holiday. The kids were so fun this year. Jonah was sick on Christmas Eve so we had to miss out on church, but he perked up on Christmas Day fortunately. He did have a funny quote at church on the Sunday before Christmas. Our pastor was talking about how Jesus came very humbly....not in a blaze of glory and royalty. Well, the intro to the sermon was a short slideshow with music showing different slides, one of which happened to be Superman. Jonah looked at us with a very confused look and said, "Superman killed King Herod???" He had things a little mixed up! Here's the abbreviated version in pictures of our holiday....

Jonah made a little graham cracker tree

Our "Happy Birthday Jesus" Cake

Cookie Time!

One of our Christmas traditions is to go look at Christmas lights and stop at Krispy Kreme during the trek.

Another tradition is opening up new PJ's on Christmas Eve.
The kids got a tunnel/tent/tepee set on Christmas Eve.

Cookies for Santa!

Merry Christmas!!!

We hope your holiday was wonderful, as was ours. We are so blessed!

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