Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This week......

...has been busy so far! We've had a lot going on with the start of fall right around the corner. Rush was at the racetrack working Nascar all weekend, we started a new parenting class at church, my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group is about to start up again which I am coordinating the discussion groups for, and Jonah started his 2nd year of preschool today! Oh...and Reagan is officially 17 months old today. So, without boring you with all the details of those things, here are some pics. (And hopefully, we will be hearing from Immigration any time now!!).At Jonah's preschool open house....he looks tiny! He goes to Glen Allen Baptist Pre-K which we love. We don't go to church there, but it's right down the road and a much shorter drive than going to our church!

Heading off to work...
Tiptoes trying to get a book!

Our pretty girl...

Hello up there!!

Hugs before Jonah leaves...

Ready for the big day!

It's amazing to compare with his picture from his first day last year....he's grown up so much!

By mom! See you in a few hours!
He had a great day!

Before I go, let me just share the quote of the week by Jonah....we were eating lunch and Reagan decided to throw some food on the floor to the dog....which drives me nuts. Before I even had a chance to address it, Jonah says, "Mommy, I think she's just being difficult. She's just trying to get my attention." Ha! I guess someone actually listens to every word I say....scary. :)

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