Monday, March 28, 2011

6 months later...

A little over a week ago, we officially reached the 6-month point of having Rylie as an official part of our family. What a ride it's been. In such a cliched way, I can easily say it seems like she's been here forever, yet I often find myself needing to stop and remember that it's ONLY been 6 months. Nothing in the grand scheme of things. Such a little amount of time to expect her to be fully grafted in to our family. The range of emotions I have felt over the past 6 months are more vast than anything else I have ever experienced in my life.....more than I could have ever anticipated. I read this post, and feel like I could have written it myself. This is such a huge process....such a gigantic step of faith....why would I expect that everything would immediately fall into place? That everything would feel perfect from day one? It hasn't and it didn't. But wow.....what a difference 6 months can make. I am sure people have judged me and our family in many ways over the last 6 months....our responses, our emotions, our choices. But ultimately, we have an audience of One, who has led us down this road, and we know He will not fail us now.

I would be lying to say this little girl doesn't try my patience in ways I didn't know were possible. But she has changed us. She has changed me. So much so, that big things are in store for us. Big things we are currently pursuing. Big things that will stretch us again, and try us again, and teach us again. Big things that will force us to rely on each other and God in new ways....again.

Big things in store.....stay tuned.


  1. That is an awfully intriguing and cliff-hanging way to end a post missy! You better not leave us sitting here waiting for very long! LOL! :)

  2. Wow! Six months already!?
    Praying for your next steps... :)