Friday, May 28, 2010

The Ladybug Myth

In the Chinese adoption community, the ladybug is quite an important symbol. It is said that they bring luck in the form of a referral for a child. If you see one, that means a referral for your child is imminent. In fact, our agency sends out "Ladybug Letters" to you once all of your paperwork is complete and registered in China.

Let me say that I believe much more in God's providence than in luck. Also, we didn't receive a referral as much as we pursued a child we saw.....however, I do think it's interesting that Sunday, after church, Rush, the kids, Sharon (Rush's sister) and I went to lunch. As we walked up to Sharon outside of the restaurant, I noticed she had a ladybug on her shirt, and pointed it out. A mere 8 hours or so later, I saw my daughter-to-be's picture! Wow! I think I just found her nickname. :) My little ladybug....

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