Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Very Liberating Feeling

I made a decision this year that I didn't think I would ever make. It's trivial in the scheme of things, yet, I still struggled with it quite a bit. Here it is....

This year,

there will be no...

Middleton Family Christmas Card!

Ahhhhh, I feel better just saying it. You see, I LOVE Christmas cards. I don't know why, but I do. And for the past 5 years, I've loved making Christmas cards of the kids. But, I've also realized how difficult it can be to get that "oh so perfect" picture (or not so perfect), how annoyed I get at the kids while trying to capture that picture because they would rather fight and make silly faces, picking out the right design, price shopping, addressing, deciding who to send them to (or not), etc, etc. So, this year, we're not doing it. And I will fully admit that I am a tiny bit sad about it....but the bigger part of me doesn't care. It's one less thing to do, one less thing on my list, one less thing to stress me out during the holidays, and one less thing to pay for!

So, please know, we still love you all...just not enough to send you a card! :)

In other news, we got notice that the government received our updated paperwork to extend the Immigration Approval for our adoption. We're just waiting on an appointment to get re-fingerprinted. And then, we'll wait some more....and some more....and some more. That's it for now!


  1. Love the blog's new look! And thankfully you post lots of pictures and blog somewhat frequently so I feel like I know what you did in the past year :D

  2. How funny. I've been just about to make the same decision. Michael wants to do it one more year because Carrie was born this year. But if the picture taking doesn't go well - I'm just gonna drop it. I love the cards too. Especially the letters. But to send them out is really a big undertaking. And it's not exactly cheap. Sadly, I think Christmas cards are going to be a thing of the past before too much longer.

  3. haha...I am proud of you....I can't do that yet...but I will miss your card this year, I just them to decorate my living room tree!...I will just print out a pic of you and hang it anyways...maybe one from high school...heehee

  4. WHAT?!?!?!?! No card!!!! I second Karen that my living room decorations will be incomplete. Maybe I will just stick a bow on the picture of the Middleton family I have in there already. We have three versions of our card b/c I couldn't make a decision. Help me take the first step next year....I clearly have a problem!