Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Boy is Kindergarten teaching us a lot about our son! He has loved school so far. Every day last week he got off the bus and said his day was awesome! After a few days, we found out that one of his friends had a girlfriend in the class. Jonah wasn't too happy about this because he said this little boy was usually playing with his girlfriend, and not with him. I guess he figured if you can't beat them, join them! He came home the next day saying that he had a girlfriend now too...it just so happened to be a little girl that he went to preschool with (and her dad is also a police officer!). Another day went by, and we found out that he and his best friend were both "sharing" the girlfriend...I was proud he was sharing so well....perhaps that virtue could have been executed in a better fashion though!

This weekend, in talking to his best friend's mom, I found out that Jonah had in fact, kissed her! He even owned up to it, but I got no details out of him....

Well, it's a new week, and I guess a new woman is in the mix. Yesterday, he mentioned another little girl in his class (who lives in our neighborhood, also with a father who used to be a police officer). I didn't think anything of it, until today he was sitting next to her on the bus on the way home. He said she was his new girlfriend. His first girlfriend was going to just be with his best friend. Oh the drama!

As we played outside this afternoon, he said something happened I wouldn't be happy about. I was a little concerned about what he was going to say. It turns out that he actually popped the question! He said he was going to marry his new girlfriend and he actually asked her to do just that! In his words, he said, "I mean, seriously dude, I want you to marry me. I mean, you are so cute!" Not quite the best proposal I've ever heard, but what can you do? Apparently she said yes regardless. I am thinking they should have a short engagement, since he tends to move on week to week. ;)


  1. What a little casanova is right! :) She's a lucky gal! :D