Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lots of Recap Pics

I apologize that I have been so bad recently about updating with pics, so here's my recap of recent events!

Jonah had a Thanksgiving Feast at preschool and the kids all dressed up as Indians. He had to earn a feather for his "headdress"....he did it by helping Reagan take her shoes and coat off. What a helpful big brother!

A new evening tradition of Rush and Jonah's.....hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows. I have no idea why Jonah is wearing earwarmers.

Reagan gets caught red-handed with the fireplace remote. You can tell she is quite concerned....

Sibling love....

I did lots of Christmas shopping on-line this year, which I highly recommend if you have small kids! Here, the kids take advantage of the boxes for playtime. They've been trains, beds, eggs, and animal homes so far. Reagan in a handmade sweater and hat from a family member...

Jonah tries to hang the star on our tree! This ended up being more of a photo op than anything else!

Now for a few Thanksgiving pics...

The cousins....Bella, Reagan, Jonah, and ZacharyWith Rush's family.....
And finally, my younger sister Kristen, is pregnant and due in February with a little boy to add to the mix. I made her shower cake and had to post some pics. Please take note that I have ZERO cake decorating experience so I was pretty happy with the results. Yes, I am bragging about myself. Sorry! :)


  1. Great job on the cake Jennifer, you can always change careers!! :)

  2. How cute is that?!!! What an adorable cake idea!

    You have such classic pictures of the kids with the Christmas tree. Makes me want to dress mine up and take more pictures.

  3. The cake was awesome! You have every right to brag on it!