Tuesday, November 11, 2008

There's an organization I love called Samaritan's Purse. Every year, they collect shoe boxes from people that are filled with little toys and things for kids around the world who have nothing, so they can have something on Christmas. It's called Operation Christmas Child. We've filled shoe boxes for a few years now....this year the kids got involved. As you can tell, they were thrilled to be involved and completely understand the concept of giving to others. :)

Or not. Anyway, they also have a catalog you can "order" things from.....not your typical Christmas gifts though. We're talking water filters, health care, blankets, care for widows and orphans or even livestock. That's right....for the rock bottom price of $70, you can pay for a goat for a family! We're going to discuss as a family what to give....I think the kids are leaning towards the brood of chicks...24 in all!!

Now, on to the portion of the blog where I reveal yet even more of my flaws for you all to see. This episode will demonstrate my inattention to my kids at times! This usually revolves around times after I have worked late at night and am tired and prefer to zone rather than parent my children. Hey....don't judge me! Anyway, below you will see nearly every stuffed animal in the house strewn around Reagan's room.....believe me, the picture doesn't do it justice. There's lots you can't see.

And now for the big finish....yesterday Reagan was watching Blue's Clues in the living room while I was cleaning or something (aka not paying attention to her) and I heard someone walk down the hall and open the pantry door.....I assumed it was Jonah after his nap going to get a snack as he often does. After a minute, it sounded like he might need my help. Well, I didn't find him in the kitchen. Instead, I guess Reagan needed a refill on her goldfish. I found her sitting on the floor with a bowl and bag of goldfish, being quite the independent girl. I was a little late with the camera.....I guess it could have been much worse!

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